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Rules of the game

  1. Each team must consist of four ladies.

  2. Each team to consist of twelve players.

  3. Team line up of each side to be determined by the names of each side being drawn out of a "Hat" buy the opposing captain.

  4. This line up must be strictly adhered to; both in the twelve and three a side matches.

  5. If a team be a player short, then the"five pin rule" comes into effect. However, the name of A.N Other must be among thetwelve names drawn.

  6. If a player arrive later, ie after commencement of play, the late arrival may not take part. Consequently, rule five comes into effect.

  7. If a side fail to fulfil a fixture, for whatever reason, then the defaulting team shall automatically forfeit the game and match points. The ledger score for both teams would susbsequently be "averaged" by the league secretary.

  8. The minimum number of players a team may field is ten.

  9. Dead pins need not be removed after a miss has taken place.

  10. Maximum number of players registered per team is twenty five.

  11. All othe table skittles rules apply.

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